Wylie J Miller, AKA Shutter Button Blazing, uses collage and zines to explore people
and the subtleties of locations and architecture. Originally introduced to photography
through family vacations Miller has now been in practice for over 10 years. His
natural curiosity towards his grandfathers’ activities with cameras, specifically why
his grandfather would always loose the expensive camera, but never the deposable
ones gave Miller and unquenchable lust for photography. At the age of 16 he was
gifted a SLR camera from his mother. At this point Miller started shooting with
purpose and dedicated himself to understanding photography.

Miller explores all mediums of photography from professional digital and analogue to
the fast-passed compact photography. The subject and technique necessary to
capture the photograph determines what medium Miller uses. Miller does not shy
away from a challenge, and photographs a variety of subjects.

While spending time traveling over the past few years Miller has visited alpine
regions, from New Zealand to Canada, and these exploits have become central to
his practice. Although the places he visited have a high tourist attraction, he ventured
on the road less travelled & captured the subtleties of these spots by putting
emphasis on vague imagery & the small details of architectural designs.

 Aside from photography, Wylie also explores collage. By correlating multiple images into one work as opposed to a series of images that hold their own. He uses this format to emphasise certain aspects of one image & re-contextualise the textures of

another. In his words, “Everything in a roll can be used”. Within his collage work, he
challenges the conventions of composition and the frame through juxtaposition. With
textured backgrounds & vibrant colours, he uses his interest in architecture to
compliment the composition and uses symmetry

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